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The Business Package for Manufacturing Workbench

supports production planners in their daily work. It provides them with aggregated and detailed planning information and alerts about the planning situation. It also simplifies planning, simulation and optimization of collaborative resource planning. This application enhances production planning and laboratory scheduling. It provides an overview over the expected workforce capacity demand based on the current production schedule as well as optimization, scheduling and collaborative planning features.

Business Value:

The manufacturing workbench can handle complex and large production models as well as supply chains. Benefits are a higher accuracy in planning, avoiding capacity conflicts and a better use of production capabilities. The business value is to consolidate all planning processes, which helps to enhance production planning, optimise scheduling, reduce production costs, avoid delays in delivery, reduce lead time and storage costs. Working with this manufacturing workbench leads to improvements in production planning, detailed scheduling and manufacturing execution.

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SAP PartnerThis software was developed by the OR Soft GmbH, Germany. OR Soft is certified development and implementation partner of SAP AG for solutions in the area of production logistics, planning and optimisation. More tools for production planning, supply chain management and MS Excel user GUIs for SAP ERP can be found at www.orsoft.net.

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