ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench

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Manufacturing Workbench Fundamental Concepts

  • Use one consolidated system integration platform, have everybody to carry out his duty (planning, sales, procurement, production) and transfer his information about the past and his decision about the future into the system. (collect)
  • Make a copy of this information available to any employee. (find)
  • Show the context clearly arranged in tables, histograms, Gantt Charts and trees. (visualise)
  • Correlate information and objects in different ways via cross links. (interpret)
  • Extract automatically simplified models for rough cut planning, simulation and optimisation from the detailed data. (automatic aggregation instead of several models)
  • Clarify the consequences of decisions, allow temporary data changes and simulations. (simulate)
  • Provide automatic and manual planning features. (optimise)
    -> First: gain overview, understand situation, find conflicts
    -> Then: solve problems and optimise the schedule.

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Manufacturing Workbench -
strong in visualisation

Manufacturing Workbench

Supply Chain Alert Monitor

Supply Chain Alert Monitor


Optimisation functions are available for different objects in browsers and views, for interactive and collaborative planning as well as for mass data handling in batch runs.


  • Scheduling and Re-Scheduling with options like:
    -> schedule (find free capacity) on selected or alternative resource
    -> insert (without checking capacity)
    -> squeeze in (insert and move concurrent orders)

    with campaign handling, transition & clean-up, labour & shift planning.

Automatic planning optimisation

  • Compensate material shortage using MRCP (Pull) for one or all production steps by BOM explosion
  • Reduce surplus stock using MRCP (Push)
  • Matrix based sequence or transition optimisation
  • Algorithmic sequence or transition optimisation

Material Cockpit -
overview and details

Material Cockpit

Management Cockpit

Management Cockpit

Strengthen the leading SAP System

  • SAP R/3 resp. SAP ERP is the only and leading system and data repository
  • All master and dynamic data are taken from SAP ERP
  • Can load and merge data from more than one Plant; Client; System; Module (PP, PP-PI, QM, PM, CS) and from third party systems (PLS, BDE)
  • Individualisation by specific configuration
  • User-selected production model

Manufacturing execution -
mirror results to sheets

Manufacturing execution

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