ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench

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Why do I need a Manufacturing Workbench?

In many industries the detailed planning of production, material flows, machine and equipment utilisation, quality control, maintenance and human resources is neither consolidated nor optimised. The shop floor level (manufacturing execution) is not tightly connected to the enterprise resource planning level.

Being able to consolidate all planning processes, you can

  • enhance production planning
  • optimise scheduling
  • reduce production costs
  • avoid delays in delivery
  • reduce lead time and storage costs.

When do I need a Manufacturing Workbench?

If you require improvements in

  • production planning,
  • detailed scheduling and
  • manufacturing execution

and you want to do this

  • integrating third party systems
  • without changing the systems infrastructure

then the Manufacturing Workbench as xApp for SAP ERP and SAP SCM is the right solution to achieve that goal.

Why using this xApp and SAP NetWeaver Technology

The consolidation of data can not be done with the help of existing systems alone, because:

  • necessary information is spread over several modules and/or systems like PP, PP-PI, MM, QM, PM, MS Excel etc
  • simulation of consequences like of "inserting ad hoc orders" or of "negative quality test results" is not possible
  • information may not be transparent enough (e.g. no Alert Monitoring etc.)
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